Raffle Drawing 2014

Easter Sunday was the day we held our raffle drawing! This year the weather was fine and so we all headed over to the laundry building to put all the tickets (literally thousands of them) in the big dryer so they would be really mixed up!

Sister set the dryer going…
Sr. Maria Guadalupe, our prioress, draws a ticket! Notice she\’s not looking–we try to play fair!
Sr. Mary Christine reading a name…
Sr. Mary Dominic identifies another lucky winner…
…as does Sr. Irma…
…and Sr. Mary Rose!
You might think Sr. Mary Thomas knows the person on the ticket she just drew, but actually she\’s just happy because it\’s Easter! 
All the sisters were pleased with the results of the raffle…the response, the winners (some well known to us, some we hope to know better in the future), the drawing, everything. Some of you who entered may be receiving a call soon! We are so grateful for all the love and support we have received from our raffle. May God bless you all abundantly and give you all the graces you need and desire! And of course we are grateful for everyone who supports our life in any way. May the blessing of the Risen Christ be upon you all! Alleluia!

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