Snap To It!, or, How You Bean?

We always welcome donations–of food or whatever–but we were a little overwhelmed yesterday when Sr. Maria Guadalupe, our prioress, announced at the end of a meeting that we had received 28 cases of fresh green beans! (That\’s a LOT of green beans!) However, we quickly rearranged our plans and set today aside for cleaning and freezing the green beans. The only sound you could hear as we worked was the distinctive \”snap!\” as the stems of the green beans were separated from the rest of the bean. Oh, and maybe a few giggles…
A typical case of green beans (some have been taken out!)
Sr. Mary John and Sr. Mary Lucy \”snapping\” away at the beans
Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Margaret
Sr. Bernadette Marie, Sr. Irma, Sr. Mary Rose all hard at work 

We are so grateful to all our many benefactors who have given us so much already this Easter season. May God bless you and reward you a hundredfold for all your kindness to us! And yes, we had some of the green beans for dinner and they were delicious! 

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