Trinity Sunday 2014…and More

Wishing you a blessed Trinity Sunday! It\’s also Father\’s Day here in the United States…so we offer many prayers for all our fathers, living and deceased. Thanks also to all our priests and the men who have been like fathers for us. You are all a great help when we try to comprehend the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the mystery of the Trinity! 
Update on Pentecost…It seems the most popular gifts from the Holy Spirit this year were \”Fear of the Lord\” and \”Wisdom\”. Since \”fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom\”, we hope to have a wise community in the coming year!
And…Sr. Bernadette Marie is home from the MTS program held at Summit this year! We are so happy to have her back, and looking forward to hearing all about her adventures after she has a chance to rest and recover from her travels.

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