Goodbye, Fr. Art

After a great year as our chaplain here at the Monastery, Fr. Art Kirwin, OP is moving on today to further adventures in his Dominican life. We will really miss him! Fr. Art has been a wonderful brother to us, celebrating Mass and other sacraments for us, visiting our sisters at the nursing home, sharing recreation with us in the parlor on a regular basis, teaching a class on Church history, and faithfully helping with our Dominican Laity chapter. In addition to this, he has been involved in prison ministry and his work preaching for a foundation which helps both young and old in poverty-stricken areas. We will miss Fr. Art, but we have hopes that he will return occasionally to celebrate Mass for us since he will not be too far away! And we are not left completely alone…we already have a great new chaplain (more on that later!). Thank you so much for everything, Fr. Art!

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