Visiting Friars: Fr. Thomas Crean, OP

We had the special joy of visiting with Fr. Thomas Crean, OP in the parlor last night! Fr. Thomas is a Dominican friar of the English Province who has been visiting Lufkin in order to celebrate the wedding Mass of the sister of one of our nuns here at the Monastery. This is his first visit to the United States and while he hasn\’t done much sight-seeing he has sampled many of the local delicacies (barbeque, anyone?). Fr. Thomas is currently studying at the International Theological Institute in Austria. He also holds a degree from Oxford and has also spent time at Cambridge, where some of us were delighted to learn he met (and actually had lunch with) the philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe! Fr. Thomas is also a published author, and at least two of his books–God Is No Delusion, an answer to Richard Dawkins, and The Mass and the Saints are available in America from Ignatius Press. We had a lovely visit with Fr. Thomas and while it seems unlikely he will ever find his way to Lufkin again, one never knows what the future may hold! (And by the way, his patron is St. Thomas Aquinas!)

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