Autumn and Thanksgiving 2014

It\’s a little late (since Thanksgiving here in the United States was yesterday) but we were kind of busy yesterday decorating and cooking and eating!

We always eat our Thanksgiving dinner in the community room–because it\’s a talking meal (a meal where we talk instead of listening to a book or article being read to us). So we decorate accordingly!

Our cornhusk family
Even the Pope got decorated! (We hope he doesn\’t mind!) 
We\’ve also been enjoying some lovely autumn weather here in East Texas, where autumn comes later than other places. 
 Sr. Mary Annunciata\’s tree (the pretty orange one) in all its autumnal glory
Not too long ago, some dear and generous friends of the Monastery gave us this new golf cart! We are so thankful for it. We use golf carts for transporting baskets of fruits and vegetables we harvest from the gardens, for relocating plants, and most of all for taking sisters who are unable to get around easily for rides on our large property. This new golf cart will probably be used primarily for the latter purpose since it is a two-seater (and it goes really FAST–kind of a golf cart sports car!). Thank you so much to all our benefactors who consider our needs, large and small! We are grateful for everything you do for us!

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