Visiting Friars: Fr. Ramon Gonzalez, OP

Recently we enjoyed a visit with Fr. Ramon Gonzalez, OP, of our Dominican province of St. Martin de Porres (the southern province). He came to our monastery to visit our chaplain, Fr. Marcos Ramos, OP, and graciously met with us on Friday evening. Father Ramon is an accomplished flautist and spent most of the visit entertaining us on the flute: 

As you can see in the picture, this is no ordinary flute, but a special wooden flute–a replica of the flutes used in the 1600s. It is pitched a half step lower than modern standard pitch tuning, and has a mellower sound than a metal flute.  Father plays his flute with a group in his area, as well as using his music as part of his ministry to the elderly. He also teaches classes in music and preaching from time to time. We had an interesting and educational visit with Fr. Ramon, and hope he will stop by again if he is ever in the area!

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