Christian Unity Octave, 2015

Today begins the Christian Unity octave (January 18-25). Here at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus, we pray for church unity, and we also try to practice it in our way. Just yesterday we visited with a group of Methodist teens who are preparing for Confirmation in their church later this spring. We had a very fruitful discussion with them about prayer, listening to God\’s voice in our daily lives, and yes, we discussed Christian unity, as well. We open our doors to people of every faith (although in Lufkin, TX  we mostly get people of various Christian denominations) who want to come and pray before the Blessed Sacrament, or join us in the Liturgy of the Hours. And they do come. Some people just stay out in the parking lot, but they tell us they can feel the presence of God in a special way even there. We are always open to dialogue with people of different faiths, and we enjoy discussing our faith and practices with people who are curious about what we do. We are Dominicans, after all!
Let us be united in prayer during this week and throughout the year, remembering that Jesus was willing to ask the Samaritan woman for a drink at the well. Whatever our faith, let us be open to each other and ready to find common ground.

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