Lent 2015

Lent is here again! We\’ve heard a lot of Dominicans telling us recently, \”Instead of giving something up, why not do something extra for Lent?\” This doesn\’t necessarily mean extra church services, extra prayers, or extra volunteer time (although all those things are good practices!). It can also mean strengthening the virtues, building up those that are weak within us. You could try putting Paul\’s reminder about Christians being ambassadors for Christ into practice (as another friar told us). And hopefully, by practicing a new virtue for the six weeks of Lent, it will become a new good habit that will carry you through the months and years to come! So this Lent consider striving to be more grateful, more loving, more patient…or whatever you most need to work on. If you are faithful to your practice it will bear fruit in your life at Easter–or even before!
With this in mind, we\’re going to bring you some \”Lenten companions\” to help you as we proceed through Lent. We did this for Advent, and it seemed to be helpful for many, so we will try again for this season! We hope to have at least one Lenten companion each week, so please check to find out who\’s being featured. And we will also be posting monastery news and other things!
Have a blessed and holy Lent! We\’ll be meeting you on the way!

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