Questions Answered: Lenten Edition

Q: So what happened to Lenten Companions?
A:  Well… a lot of things happened here at the Monastery and basically things got too busy to keep it up. Hopefully we can do better next Lent! We\’ve had a lot going on. We had a visit from three sisters from the contemplative branch of the Community of St. John (unfortunately no pictures…another long story) who were passing through. And we now have not one, but two postulants! This also keeps things busy. In due time we will post more about them, but you may have seen one of them in our Tet pictures, if you were looking carefully. Also we organized a mailing of our newsletter, \”Monastery Bells\”.
Q: I live in the Lufkin area. What is your Triduum schedule?
A: We\’ll be posting it soon, possibly later today. We can tell you right now that Passion (Palm) Sunday Mass will be at 7:00 AM as usual for Sundays, and palms will be distributed. 
Q: When will \”Monastery Bells\” be sent out?
A: We are mailing it April 1, no fooling. We will also post the online version that day. So check back to see a link to our latest newsletter!

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