Visiting Friars…And Others!

We\’ve had an exceptionally busy May, with lots of people coming to visit us! Here\’s a roundup of some of the friars and priests who have come to see us recently. 

Fr. J. Michael Sparough, SJ came by on his way to a liturgical convention in Houston. Father resides in the Chicago area so we don\’t see him too often, but he is always in our prayers! Sr. Mary Margaret is standing with him in the parlor. 

Father Art Kirwin, OP (on the right) brought our two Southern Province novices to visit us on their way back from the Provincial Assembly to the novitiate in Irving, TX. We are always so glad to see our former chaplain, Fr. Art, and we were delighted to meet the two novices! We are praying for your perseverance!

Fr. Thomas Condon, OP, Provincial of the Southern Province (St. Martin de Porres Province USA, to give the official name) also stopped by for the weekend. We are so glad to have him here! This is his first visit to us as Provincial (you may recall he visited us as one of our temporary chaplains in the summer of 2013) and we were interested to hear the news of the province and things he has been doing.
We have also had family visits and others \”just stopping by to say hello\”. It is a great opportunity to meet the people we pray for every day and it encourages us to keep those prayers going! So if you are in the area and want to stop by and pray or say hello, please do so!

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