Sr. Mary Rose\’s Feast Day Celebration

Sr. Mary Rose\’s feast day falls on August 23…feast of St. Rose of Lima…but various circumstances forced us to postpone the celebration of her special day until August 30. Seven sisters joined Sr. Mary Rose in the novitiate for a lovely time!
A tribute to St. Rose of Lima on the novitiate bulletin board. 
Most of the day was spent happily recreating, snacking, and watching a movie. We also played some games and watched Sr. Mary Rose open her gifts. 
The gift table 
Sr. Mary Rose opens a gift as our postulant Cloe looks on
Sister received many useful gifts, including books, cards, and this beautiful tote bag made by Sr. Bernadette Marie
After opening the gifts, we played a game. One sister had to describe an object to her partner, who would draw it based on the description given. The sister who described the object could not say what it was or what it was for, which made the results extremely funny!
Sr. Mary Jeremiah and Sr. Mary Margaret with their drawing and object
Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Thomas with their drawing and object
Cloe and Sr. Mary Rose with their drawing and object
We give thanks to God for a beautiful day, and for Cloe our postulant, and Sr. Mary Rose, our novice directress, whose feast day inspired such a great time! May He send us many more young women who wish to serve Him as cloistered Dominican nuns!

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