2015 Retreat with Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP

We just finished a beautiful retreat on mercy with Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP. Father presented a lot of very profound information in an informal, upbeat style, using PowerPoint slides and eliciting participation from the nuns, using prizes as incentive! The conferences were held in our community room and led us all to meditate deeply on the mystery of God\’s mercy. Father skillfully tied in the Jubilee Year of Mercy as well as our own Dominican Jubilee to bring his points home. We also had a very moving healing service one afternoon in the chapel. The retreat was really amazing and made us all humbly grateful for the gift of mercy God gives to each one of us at every moment.
 Father brought us a Dominican jubilee candle from the New Orleans celebration, which we used as part of our prayers before and after each conference.
 Fr. Jorge with one of his many PowerPoint slides
Most of the community with Fr. Jorge after the last conference
Thank you so much, Fr. Jorge! We hope you will come back again some time soon!

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