Lots of Good News!

As we approach the Good News that is Christmas (the Incarnation of our Savior!) we also have some good news to share from our monastery, namely, some exciting happenings coming next month!
You\’ve seen our postulant Cloe doing all kinds of things over the past year, and we are happy to announce that on January 28, 2016 (the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas) she will receive the habit and begin her novitiate as a nun of  the Order of Preachers! Any guesses about her new religious name? We\’re all stumped! And incidentally, Sr. Mary Thomas is already taken!!
And on January 30, 2016, our Sr. Bernadette Marie will make her solemn profession! This is not as dramatic in an obvious way as a clothing or a simple profession, but it is certainly more serious and, well, solemn! 
We hope you will keep both Cloe and Sr. Bernadette Marie in your prayers as they prepare for their special days. We will bring you more information and updates as the time draws closer. And please pray for all the young women who are discerning religious life at our monastery! 

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