A Poetry Reading

We had an afternoon of culture with the visit of two Incarnate Word-Blessed Sacrament Sisters from Corpus Christi: Sr. Lou Ella Hickman and Sr. JoAnne. Sister Lou Ella has been writing and publishing poetry for a number of years and wanted to share with us her first book of poetry on women in the Bible. Although there are many books about women in the Bible, hers seems to be the first book of poetry on the subject.
She: robed and wordless contains 70 poems on women in the Old and New Testaments. Our prioress, Sister Maria Guadalupe, open our culture-gathering with a prayer and we were encouraged to name our favorite women in the Scriptures. It was amazing how many poems Sister Lou Ella had written about almost everyone we mentioned. Among the \”crowd of witnesses\” were Old Testament women such as Eve, of \”the first love song\”, and Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, \”the epitome of a pray-er.\”
They mingled with women of the New Covenant such as two from the Gospel of Luke: Elizabeth recalling her son John the Baptist \”dancing within her in like a curtain fluttering in the breeze\” and old Anna in the Temple to see the new-born Messiah, speaking of herself and Simeon, as, \”we like old books were there.\”
You may purchase She: robed and wordless at Catholic gift stores or from amazon.com.
After the formal meeting we had a little photo-op. The first photo below has one of our own Corpus Christi Sisters, Sister Mary Gabriel; the second photo shows some of our poetry aficionados.

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