Come, O King of the Nations!

(tune: O come, O come Emmanuel)

O come, desire of nations, bind,
In one the hearts of all mankind.
Bid thou our sad divisions cease,
And be thyself our Prince of Peace.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel,
Shall come to thee, O Israel!

One translation of this antiphon says, Christ is the “cornerstone that binds two into one”. It also says, “Come, and bring wholeness to man.” In other words, Jesus as King of the universe, is the only One Who can truly bring peace among peoples and to each individual heart. We have been fashioned from the dust. So now, today, we ask to be refashioned, reshaped, reformed by Christ, the Word through whom all things were made. 

In His Church, Christ originally united Jew and Gentile, and now and until the end of time, every nationality and race can become one in His Mystical Body. Every time a human being seeks the splendor of the truth, the radiance of beauty, the purity of goodness, he seeks the Face of Christ, the “Desired of all nations.”

Come, Christ, make me over, change me,
reshape all that is misshapen in me.

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