MTS 2017

The Dominican temporary professed Nuns have been meeting for two weeks during the past four summers at the Monastery in Summit NJ. We have not had a student in this cycle of studies, but we hope to have one or two in the next four-year cycle that will begin in the summer of 2019.

On their first evening together one of the Sisters shared photos with us of her recent Solemn profession.

Last week the Sisters came from four different monasteries to learn about the Church Fathers from Father Andrew Hofer, OP. He is currently the Student Master for the Dominican Friars in Washington DC.


 From left to right: Sr. Mary Magdalene (Summit NJ): Sr. Mary Jeremiah (Lufkin-Coordinator); Sr. Mary Martin (Summit NJ Prioress & Assistant Coordinator); Sr. Maria of Jesus (Farmington Hills MI/Nigeria); Fr. Andrew Hofer; Sr. Mary Veronica (Summit NJ); Sr. Dominic Marie (Farmington Hills MI); Sr. Francisca (Kenya); Sr. Mary Jacinta (Summit NJ); Sr. Isabel (Menlo Park CA); Sr. Mary of the Angels (Los Angeles CA)


The Sisters cannot study all the time, so they could sometimes be found outside after meals. However, they did work very hard. One group even gathered on Sunday afternoon to prepare for their Disputatio which will take place the evening of June 7.


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