A Feast of Roses

On August 23, Dominicans around the world celebrate the feast of St. Rose of Lima, the first canonized saint of the Americas. But that day is also the feast day of our own Sister Mary Rose, the Novice Mistress of our monastery. Because of her office, or duty, the sisters in the novitiate always make it a special celebration. This year it was magnificent!

Here is the Guest of Honor-Sr. Mary Rose-as she enters the Novitiate

Sister Mary Therese devised two fun and exciting Dominican games. In the first one the Sisters scoured the Novitiate building for clues on the back of Dominican shields telling them how to find the grand prize. After that there was a more \”sedate\” card game. Sad to say, our honoree did not win any of the games.

Here, Sr. Mary Dominic, Sr. Mary Rose and Sr. Mary Therese are playing the 2nd Dominican game. It was a card game as you can see with all the Dominican shields.

The Sisters enjoyed hamburgers for dinner and in the afternoon watched a movie, \”The Secret of Ronan Inish\”.

There were cupcakes galore (twice as many as seen in the photo), and each one was different!!!

After Vespers, the party sisters returned to the Novitiate for a special supper prepared by Sister Mary Dominic who helps in the Novitiate. She cooked a delicious chicken dish with wine, which turned the chicken purple!

 The recipe goes back to 4-5th century Rome!!!

 After the meal it was time for Sister Mary Rose to open gifts.
Here\’s an unusual gift: a knitted crocodile that also functions as a scarf. I bet a little boy would like that one.

Looking on as Sister opens her gifts: Sister Mary Dominic and Sister Bernadette Marie.

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