We Thank God for You, Our Readers

Another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, but we continue to enjoy the entire Thanksgiving weekend, as we hope you do. Here are a few pictures of preparing for our special dinner in the Community Room. We eat in that room when we want to talk during a festive meal, but usually eat in what we call the Refectory where we keep silence and listen to the reading of a book or CD.

Everything for our Thanksgiving Dinner came to us as gifts from our generous benefactors. We even had fresh lemonade right from the tree.

While the Professed Sisters prepared the Meal,
the Novitiate Sisters prepared the Room.

We had a new table this year to celebrate the \”internationality\” of our Community. It was ladened with dishes from Tanzania, Cuba, Vietnam and Columbia… and we had homemade Mexican hot chocolate and bunuelos for breakfast.

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