Characteristics of a Christian

We were delighted to have a lecture by the pastor of our St. Patrick parish, Rev. Gavin Vaverek. He came over on the morning of January 9 to give us the \”Ten Characteristics of Our Christian Identity\” which he based on talks by our Tyler Bishop Joseph Strickland.

The talk was very interesting, imaginative and thought provoking. You might want to examine yourself on the characteristics. We will list them below. Now remember, each word is important.

  1. Joyfully Catholic
  2. Divinely Inspired
  3. Passionately Committed
  4. Wisely Obedient
  5. Solidly Orthodox
  6. Generously Merciful
  7. Happily Serving
  8. Culturally Aware
  9. Nobly Simple
  10. Historically Rooted
Another way to consider these characteristics is to reflect on how they are manifest in the lives of Jesus and Mary, or one of your favorite saints.

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