Unexpected Surprises

This past Sunday afternoon about 1:20, two little puppies appeared at our Novitiate door, looking for someone to play with. They were very friendly and cute. Both females, they looked young and had lovely markings. One was light brown with four white feet and a white line on her forehead. The other, shyer one, was dark brown with dazzling, almost blue eyes.

Sister Mary Dominic took to the dogs right away. They looked like chihuahuas. Sister and her mother had had a chiweenie named \”Peanuts\”. Sister set them up in one of our courtyards with a little house and some water until we were able to give them to the proper authorities about 3:00.

Since our buildings are more or less at the center of our property, it must have taken then some time to find us. They looked well cared for, but had no collar or tags.

About 5 or 6 Sisters saw them. Someone eventually called the Animal Rescue who came and picked them up. One of the people who came said she knew just the right elderly gentlemen for one of them.

The dogs had a great time \”playing\” … or was it \”praying\”?!

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