Queenship of Mary

A great sign appeared in the heavens:
a woman clothed with the sun,
with the moon under her feet,
and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.
Revelation 12

Today we celebrate the Queenship of Mary, for she is the Queen-Mother of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe. It is also the Feast Day of our sister, Sister Mary Regina.

It was two weeks ago today on the Feast of our founder, St. Dominic. It was on that day that we held our annual raffle. Since its inception we had been holding our raffle on Easter Sunday. However, that is always a very busy time in the monastery so we thought to move the event to the summer and thus chose the Assumption of our Lady. We would like to announce the winners of our homemade prizes and the Sisters who drew the winning ticket …
  1st prize →→

                        Hubert Y in Nacogdoches

   2nd prize →→

             AJP in TX


 3rd prize →→

           Karen M in CA

    4th prize →→ 

         Karen P in CA

 5th prize →→

             Mari Lou in OH

  6th prize →→

 Susan L in Lufkin

Extra surprises →→       
  Sharon H. in Lufkin          Margie G in WV         Christine K in Dallas

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