Religious of the Diocese Pray and Share Together

On the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary most of the religious of the diocese gathered at our monastery for an afternoon of prayer and sharing. Above is the front of the program for the day. We also received a holy card of the picture of St. Maria Goretti with a prayer on the back with which we concluded our prayer service.

We had heard rumors for about a week, but didn’t know for sure what was going to happen and if we needed to do anything. But, our Sisters who care for our Guests went into action, making small sandwiches and tea for refreshments, and setting up chairs for visiting, etc.

The special day arrived shortly after the news of the sex abuse crisis in the USA Church, so that became the theme of our prayer time. The afternoon began with Fr. Gavin Vaverek giving a half hour talk, followed by an hour of quiet prayer. Confession was available during that time.

Our visitors went to the Guest Dining Room for refreshments, then to the Gate Parlor to visit with the nuns. Not all the Sisters were able to stay for the visit, we do hope to be able to see them another time, and thank them for making the trip to pray with us. In the parlor, we were able to catch up on what the different groups were doing in ministry.

It was a wonderful afternoon being with the other Religious Women of the Diocese.

Loving God, many people are affected by the evil of abuse.
Grant courage to adults that they might step in
and help suffering children.
Grant courage to survivors of abuse
that they might reach out for help as they long for healing.
As Maria Goretti found the strength in Your love
to pray for the conversion of her abuser,
may we never excuse an abuser but beseech their conversion.
Please help me be an instrument of Your love and mercy
to those I meet who carry a wound from abuse.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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