Breakfast Bonus!!

Today is the Feast of the Dedication of the Church of St. John Lateran in Rome. It is the Cathedral Church of the diocese. The importance of this feast is to remind each of us that when we are baptized and in the state of grace, the Most Holy Trinity dwells within us!!!

BUT, for us nuns here at the Monastery, today is also the day we celebrate the dedication of our foundation, 73 years ago, today! On a day like today, we have special treats in store. And they begin with a beautiful uplifting Mass and breakfast afterwards. Today in East Texas it\’s a \”normal\” Fall-wintery day, meaning cold and rainy.

While the nuns were having breakfast they had an extra surprise treat! 8-12 mourning doves were sitting on the sidewalk across from the Refectory (dining room). They looked like they were waiting for breakfast, too. They were very still, puffed up to keep warm, and very patient.

One of the nuns had pity on them and filled the bird feeder hanging outside the refectory window. She also put a lot of seeds on the ground for the doves who are too large to sit on the bird feeder. We wonder if some of these doves are those born in our car-port. In the past 5 years, we had a dozen doves born each year.

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