The 2nd Week of Advent

We are now in the Second Week of Advent and it is becoming something very palpable. The Scripture Readings, the music and the advent wreath, all pull us deeper into the mystery of the Incarnation. Scripture, music, wreath and candles speak to us in a different language than words. Even though the Scriptures are composed of words, there is something more profound – divine – that comes through and touches our soul. Scripture is the Very Word of God in written form! Scripture, music, wreath and candles speak to our hearts in symbols beyond words. Let them touch you and change you this Advent.

This year when we entered the Chapel last Saturday evening to begin our Advent journey we were confronted with a very different kind of Advent Wreath. Our creative Sister-Sacristan was inspired by a classic passage from Isaiah 11:1–

A shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse,
and from his roots a bud shall blossom.

Our wreath images this new shoot. The stump that has grown up represents the hand of God. The wreath is on the thumb, while the other four fingers become flames of fire as the weeks progress.

Sister spent many hours walking through our woods to find the exact tree to represent this unique sprout from the lineage of Jesse. It is one of our many crepe myrtle trees. In Trinidad, people call this tree, \”the Queen of trees\”. It loves hot weather, and in our Texas summers it is one of the few plants that puts forth blossoms.

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