A Relaxing Weekend

This past weekend gave us a number of enjoyable moments as we keep looking for Spring to come. Flowers and trees are blooming, but the temperature is still low.

On Saturday, one of our Sisters turned 89 years old. To celebrate, a long-time friend sent a \”flower-cake\”. Perhaps you have seen them, but, we had not. Some Sisters thought it was a real cake with flowers as decorations. However, closer inspection revealed that it really was just flowers … which was perfect for our Sister-Gardener!

On Sunday, our Birthday-Sister cooked dinner and treated us to some \”Southern comfort-food\” – her delicious sweet potatoes. Can you find the various ingredients? It\’s simple: sweet potatoes, cinnamon, honey and pineapple.

After dinner, two of our Sisters who live in the Infirmary wanted to take a walk out to the cemetery. Even though the sun was bright and warm, the air and wind were nippy and chilly. Our Infirmarian bundled them up  and helped them on their way. A little bird told Sister-Photographer what was taking place. So she caught up with them as they prepared to return to their warm and cozy rooms.

May your Sundays be restful and prayerful!

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