General Chapter 2019

Every three years the Dominican Friars meet in \”General Chapter\” to consider the state of the Order, make or change laws, and on the 9th year elect a new head of the Order, the Master General. All Dominicans, and especially the Nuns, are praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Today, the General Chapter opens in Vietnam! Our Friars will also elect a new Master of the Order on July 13. Below is the logo for this important meeting.

The meaning of the symbolism: the design above is a lotus blossom, the national flower of Vietnam, as well as a common flower throughout Asia. The black below it represents the Dominican cappa, or mantle. The words indicate, in Latin, the General Chapter, and the city where it is being held, Biên Hòa, Vietnam, near Saigon, in the south.

The Friars come from all over the world representing the thousands back home. Each Province sends the Provincial and a delegate. We will post news of important events as they happen. The General Chapter will continue for about a month, concluding on August 7.

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