The O Antiphons 2019 – Come, O Key of David

The beloved Advent hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, is a musical rendition of the O Antiphons. The O Antiphons have been part of the Church\’s liturgy for more than a thousand years. Scholars say that Boethius (480-524, a Roman senator and philosopher) mentions them. They first were used in monasteries, but by the 8th century, they were common throughout the Church. While the words that most people sing today come from early 18th century Germany, the music dates back to 15th century France. Let us continue this powerful tradition.

December 20 – Come, O Key of David

The purpose of a key is to unlock and open something. Humanity has been, and still is, locked and enchained in sin, selfishness, addictions of various kinds, since it existence. 
God is the only One who holds the KEY to free us. JESUS is that Key. As St. Catherine of Siena wrote, All the Way to Heaven, is heaven, because Jesus is the Way.\”
Let us pray that we will open ourselves to God\’s grace this Christmas Season so that the Holy Spirit can transform our lives; and the lives of our family and friends. May all who have left the Church, respond to the Father\’s invitation to come Home this Christmas.

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