A Surprising Santa Sighting!

On Christmas Eve we hand a surprise visit from Santa and another person – either Mrs. Santa or an Elf. He called her his wife, while everyone else said she was an elf, Santa\’s helper. You can judge for yourselves. Maybe it\’s not either/or, but both/and…

In the background you can see that our chaplain, Fr. John, came to join in with the festivities. Also present was a friend of \”Mrs. Elf\”.

They went right to work, not wasting a moment in handing out gifts to everyone. Three of the Sisters received special gifts: the prioress, the cook, and the Bursar, or treasurer. Unfortunately, the prioress, received a handful of coal!!!

But, don\’t worry, it was just chocolate candy wrapped in black paper.

We were able to snatch of photo to show that he really did come. Above, Santa is pictured, from left to right, with: Sr. Mary Thomas, Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Mary Margaret, and Sr. Maria Guadalupe.

Merry Christmas to all!

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