Sister Mary Veronica is 90!

Sr. Mary Veronica with her cake. Note the delicious Blue Bell ice cream, a treat from a generous donor!
We have a tradition in our monastery of making a nun\’s eightieth birthday special–with ice cream, cake, and other delights in the community room. And when you turn ninety…that is really a celebration! Especially when you are still in good shape, taking a turn cooking meals, cultivating a garden, and sweeping the breezeways. This sounds like a cliche, but Sr. Mary Veronica truly is one of a kind. Her excellent memory, abundant kindness, and generosity to all she encounters has made her a legend here. And it goes without saying–she is a prayer warrior! We are so happy to have Sister among us and hope God will grant her many years of continued good health and vitality. God bless you, Sister Mary Veronica!

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