"Bells" Are Ringing

Hard at work preparing the \”Monastery Bells\” mailing. Yes, we still do it all ourselves!

 As readers of this blog, you may not be aware that we also publish a newsletter–\”Monastery Bells\”. This \”snail mail\” update on monastery events is published twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. In the spring, issues of \”Monastery Bells\” come with a May novena slip and a return envelope. We invite all our subscribers to send in their prayer intentions to be placed at the feet of our Blessed Mother as we spend the month of May in processions and other devotions to Mary. In November, you receive basically the same thing–except that we invite you to send us the names of your beloved dead, so that we may pray for them during the month of November. (As an aside, Dominicans make praying for the dead an important priority as part of our charism–so it\’s something we take very seriously.)

It\’s actually fun to work together on this!

We send out two other mailings: one in early summer, which includes the tickets for our increasingly popular raffle, and one in early December, which is always a Christmas greeting and pocket calendar for the upcoming year designed by the nuns.

If you are interested, please send your mailing address to mt0031@gmail.com. Sorry, we cannot send these mailings online yet. We happily accept donations, and we are grateful for anything you can send us, but no donation is required to send your novena slips and raffle tickets to us.
We are unable to accept credit and debit cards, but we are working to include this service in our new website, hopefully coming soon!

We just sent our latest issue of \”Monastery Bells\” before Easter so there is plenty of time to request a subscription. Then we will send you the latest \”Bells\”, the May novena slip, and the return envelope.

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