May, the Month of Mary

As you can guess, we haven\’t had a lot going on at the monastery because of the enclosure–of other people, that is! Lectures had to be canceled or postponed, guests haven\’t come to visit, some other interesting things were scrapped. (But we keep them quiet for now, because they may be news later on!)

So we\’re going to bring you some of the \”fruits of our contemplation\”, as our brother St. Thomas Aquinas said, by sharing some Marian meditations each weekday of May. We\’re going to focus on some of the titles in the Litany of Loreto, which our community prays every night as we process to the statue of Our Lady of the Pines.

The box at Our Lady\’s feet is where we keep all the prayer intentions that have been sent to us. We will be joining your intentions, dear readers, with these during this month of May. Remember always that we are under Mary\’s mantle, held in the hands of God. 

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