The Great Raffle Drawing

August 15 was the auspicious day chosen for our raffle drawing, and so in the afternoon after Rosary and prayers, we gathered in the community room to see who would win our 2020 Raffle prizes.

It\’s not exactly the Academy Awards, or the accounting firm of Price – Waterhouse, but our Guild sisters did their best to keep track of the many, MANY tickets that were sent in.

Our prioress, Sr. Mary Margaret, gave the tickets a first shuffle as subprioress Sr. Mary Rose looks on.

OK — let\’s start drawing!!

Several sisters took turns drawing.

Sr. Mary Jeremiah graciously modeled the prizes for us (or held them up for viewing, as the case may be)

And we had some \”surprise\” prizes as well, modeled above by our sisters. Sr. May Annunciata, in the middle, is holding a regular prize. It\’s yellow, a color she loves, and August 15 is her birthday, so we wanted to give her a chance to be seen here on our blog.  

We are just immensely grateful to all of you who entered, and for all your kind donations, whether monetary or spiritual! 

Are you wondering whether you won a prize? We\’ll be calling to let you know over the next few days. Stay alert!

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