Who is my sister?

When a woman enters religious life, especially cloistered life, she is often called “Sister” almost immediately to indicate that she has taken a step which makes her available to the whole world. She keeps the family she had previously, and gains the family of humankind–starting with the community of nuns she lives and works with every day. This connection is incredibly rewarding most of the time, because working to fulfill God’s will for you completes you. There are days when you may wonder about your choice, but if you are where God wants you to be, the good times usually outweigh the inevitable hard times. Doing God’s will gives us a peace nothing on earth can ever provide.

Being a religious sister means never having to ask, “Who is my mother, my father, my sister or brother?” We recognize everyone as fellow children of our heavenly Father, and we always pray for them, no matter what. This isn’t as easy as it may sound when written down in a blog post! But the more we live in communion with Jesus, the more we recognize him shining out even through what Mother Teresa famously called his “distressing disguise”. Maybe you’re reading this and wondering if God might be calling you to a life like ours–even at our Monastery. Today, don’t be afraid to explore the possibility.

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