Easter 2023

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Holy Week was rainy and dismal, but on Easter Sunday it cleared up and we had a beautiful day. Praise God! In fact everything about our Easter celebration this year has been truly lovely, from the many liturgies and processions to the decorations in the refectory and community room.

We spent a great deal of time in chapel–our favorite place to be!

Sisters processing up to receive Holy Communion on Easter Sunday.

Our chaplain, Fr. Ian, reading the closing prayer at Mass on Easter Sunday. Father gave us some especially dynamic homilies this Easter, using storytelling he he studied as part of his own recently completed doctorate in homiletics. Congratulations, Father!

Isn’t this an amazing refectory centerpiece? We have a very talented novitiate.

And here they are!

They decorated the entire refectory, including this cheerful wall.

Our table decorations this year featured real flowers (in pots, so we can plant them later).

Everyone was filled with Paschal joy!

Sr. Mary Giuse made this lovely community room decoration. The banner says “Rejoice” and that’s what we’ve been doing.

Anna and Dennis, some new friends of ours, generously brought us fried chicken for our supper. Thank you so much!

Remember, Easter is not just a Sunday–it’s a season that lasts 50 days. This year we’ll be singing extra Alleluias until May 28th! We keep all of you in our prayers in a special way during this Easter octave, and we pray the whole season will be a time of many blessings for you.

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