Farewell to Fr. John

Fr. John Lydon, O.P. has been our chaplain for four years now, and we’re going to miss him as he moves on to a new assignment elsewhere in the province. Father kept us laughing during his homilies and parlor visits (like the one above) with his dry humor and delightful anecdotes. We’ll always remember Father John’s great devotion to Blessed Pier-Giorgio Frassati, O.P., the young Italian Dominican tertiary who died suddenly of polio and left a wonderful legacy of generosity to the poor and simple holiness in his everyday life. Perhaps some of this saintly influence has rubbed off onto Father!

Farewell, Father John! We hope to meet you again some day if you are ever in the Lufkin area!

Father John saying goodbye to us in the parlor. Maybe he’ll miss us, too?