Completion of our MTS Program June 7-18, 2010


The last class with Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, O.P. was held yesterday. A big thanks and God bless to Fr. Bryan, who worked so hard to teach us theology and was so patient with our many questions! We will be saying goodbye to our sisters from Summit, Farmington Hills and Elmira today, which is sad, but we look forward to our next series of classes, which will be held next year at our monastery. Each of us will write two papers,one on philosophy, one on theology, for presentation next year, so we have a lot of studying ahead of us. Of course, as Dominican nuns, we thrive on study! Many thanks to all the monasteries who sent their sisters to join us here in Lufkin, we enjoyed their company so much. And a special thanks also to our own sisters here in Lufkin, who filled in for our duties while we were hard at working learning!

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