Looking Back…
 These are some images from the past few months:
Reg Reynolds and Angel Rosales helped us set up our website.
Visit us at www.lufkinnuns.org
The sisters are hard at work husking corn, 
the gift of a generous benefactor!

 Fr. Brian Pierce, O.P., Promoter for the Nuns, 
came to visit our community on Palm Sunday. 
What a blessing it was!

 After a long cold winter, spring came to Lufkin,
and the dogwood trees bloomed.

Sr. Mary John\’s feast day was celebrated on Mother\’s Day this year.

 We are so grateful to Sr. Anna Marie, O.P. from
the Monastery of Mary the Queen in Elmira, NY
for setting up this blog for us and helping us get going!
God bless you, Sister!

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