Happy New Year!

It\’s the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God–it\’s the world day of prayer for peace–it\’s New Year\’s Day, January 1, 2011. We celebrated Mary at the Divine Office and Mass, we prayed for peace as we do every day. and this morning we had the traditional drawing of the patrons for 2011.

Sr. Mary John gave an inspiring talk in the chapter hall. 
Then it was time to draw our patrons! Sr. Mary Giuse holds out the cards 
so Sr. Mary Therese can pick one…
…while on the other side of the room Teresa offers a choice of cards to Sr. Mary Christine.
Each sister received a card with a lovely picture on one side and on the other, a title of Jesus or Mary (such as Jesus Crucified or Our Lady of Good Counsel) to meditate on, as well as a patron for the year (selected from the Dominican saints with some extras like St. Paul and the Archangels), a thought to ponder (this year all the quotes came from a book by Raniero Cantalamessa, very good!), and an intention to pray over during the next year. After we all shared who and what we received for the coming year, we exchanged our traditional New Year greetings. 
 It\’s a lovely way to greet the New Year–a hug for each sister! All the Dominican nuns here in Lufkin, TX wish you a happy and holy New Year 2011, and remember we are praying for you!

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