The Epiphany of the Lord

Epiphany certainly does come fast this year! We\’re celebrating on two days–January 2, the official date, and January 6, the traditional date. For today, here are some thoughts from Pope John Paul II to meditate on:
\”Those who have already reached the faith and those who are on the path to finding it share alike in this feast. They participate, giving thanks for the gift of faith, as did the Kings who, filled with gratitude, knelt before the Child. The Church, more aware each year of the vastness of her mission, participates in the feast. How many people there still are who have to be brought to the faith! How many have to be brought back to the faith they have lost! This at times is more difficult than the first conversion to the faith. The Church, however, aware of the great gift of the Incarnation of God, cannot pause, can never stop. She has to seek continually the way to Bethlehem for all men and for all times. The Epiphany is the feast of God\’s challenge.\” –Homily, January 6, 1979

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