Epiphany Celebration

January 6–the traditional date for Epiphany–was the day we celebrated Epiphany as a community! It was a day filled with joy, fun and games, and of course reflections on the Christmas season.
We began with a new take on the old three-legged race! The two sisters on each team had to wrap three packages–using only one hand each!
It wasn\’t as easy as it may sound!
The winners! 
We also played a Epiphany-themed version of \”hot potato\”, where instead of a potato we passed gifts in a circle while Christmas music played. When the music stopped, whoever was caught with a gift had to leave the circle!
In the evening, some of the sisters delighted us with a puppet show based on the story, \”The Fourth Wise Man\”. Excellent job!
The sisters with some of their puppets.
Community days like this are a way to relax, enjoy each other\’s company and grow in family spirit. We always keep up our prayers, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and necessary work (such as cooking!) on these days as well. It makes for a busy but delightful time. The Christmas season will officially end soon, so we are now taking down decorations and generally cleaning up. But we suspect there will be other opportunities for celebration before Lent begins in March!

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