Tet at the Monastery

The Lunar New Year was officially celebrated on February 3, but for reasons too numerous to go into, we had our celebration last night! We had an excellent time…beginning at noon with homemade Vietnamese food for dinner and continuing with a special night recreation program organized by our sisters. It was an evening filled with fun and family spirit. 
 The treats and lucky money (hanging in red envelopes on the tree) were generously provided for us! Thank you so much!
It has become our custom to perform a Vietnamese dance as part of our Tet celebration. Congratulations and thanks to Sr. Mary Christine, who choreographed the dance and helped us learn it! You can see more of this dance on our website—www.lufkinnuns.org–on the Photos page.
Another part of our Tet celebration is playing games! This was a fun one–you had to toss a ping-pong ball into a vase filled with water. Sr. Mary Sybillina was an expert at this!
We wish all of you a very joyful Year of the Cat! May God bless you abundantly this year!

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