The Chair of St. Peter

The Chair of St. Peter refers to Peter\’s seat of authority in the Church. It is a feast of St. Peter and a feast of the Papacy itself, since the Pope is the successor of Peter. This feast has been celebrated since before the 4th century, and reminds us that the Bishop of Rome–the Pope–has jurisdiction over the Church throughout the whole world. St. Augustine wrote, \”Blessed be God, who deigned to exalt the Apostle Peter over the whole Church. It is most fitting that this foundation be honored since it is the means by which we may ascend to Heaven.\” And as Paul the Deacon writes, \” It is right for all the churches to honor Peter. As head of the Church, firm as the hardest rock, he confounded the enemies of Christ by the authority of the Holy Spirit, conquering by the strength of tireless endurance.\” We are glad to stand firm with Peter on this day and all days. We love our Pope! 

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