Trinity Sunday

The Trinity. One God, three divine Persons. It\’s easy to think of the Trinity as simply a New Testament idea, but it\’s possible to look through the Old Testament and find hidden glimpses of the Trinity as well–the example that immediately comes to mind is in the book of Genesis, where Abraham offered hospitality to three mysterious guests. This event was immortalized in Rublev\’s famous icon of the Trinity:
But there are other passages, as well. The Trinity has always existed, but had to be revealed gradually in order that people could learn to understand it. And even today we cannot truly comprehend this great mystery! We can only praise and adore the Trinity, and give thanks to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for their provident care and guidance and love.
Special thanks to all our fathers on Father\’s Day–our natural fathers, spiritual fathers, all the men who have been like fathers to us, living and deceased–we\’re praying for you! 

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