Where There\’s Smoke…

There is a fire burning out of control not far from Lufkin, basically in Trinity, Polk and Jasper counties. So far, it has not reached us–and we pray it will not–but some of our neighboring communities have had to evacuate.
The sun had a reddish aura because of all the smoke in the air.
What appear to be pine straw ashes were blown into our monastery from the fires!
It looked like black snow coming down. 
We pray for all people affected by the fires and extreme heat during this unusual season. 102 degree temperatures in Lufkin and it\’s not even summer yet! Please keep us in your prayers, too.

On a more cheerful note, we would like to announce that Sarah Murray (who visited our monastery back in April–see here) won the election and will represent our area on the Lufkin City Council! We are praying for you always, Sarah!

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