Sr. Mary John\’s Feast Day

On June 25, we celebrated Sr. Mary John\’s feast day! We began the morning with the traditional feast day song (words written by one of our sisters and set to a familiar tune), and then exchanged the kiss of peace with Sister. 
Sr. Maria Guadalupe greets Sr. Mary John
Then it was time for games and snacks! We\’ve been known to play more active games, like volleyball (indoor or outdoor) but with the extreme heat it seemed best to stick to simple table games.  They were a lot of fun!
Sr. Mary Regina and Sr. Mary Dominic working against the clock…
Sr. Bernadette Marie and Sr. Mary Giuse checking answers!
We enjoyed a delicious dinner in the community room and then had a free afternoon. In the evening, we resumed our celebration with a talent show centered on folk tales. There were Mexican, African and Vietnamese tales–celebrating our diverse community heritage–and other fun things. 
Sr. Mary Agnes started the evening off with a poem about the Word of God. 
Sr. Maria Cabrini entertained and educated us with some of Aesop\’s fables.

Sr. Mary Christine performed some magic for us!

We wish Sr. Mary John many more happy feast days, both as our Prioress and as our sister!  

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