Corpus Christi

St. Thomas Aquinas once wrote on the occasion of Corpus Christi: \”O precious and wonderful banquet, that brings us salvation and contains all sweetness! Could anything be of more intrinsic value? Under the old law it was the flesh of calves and goats that was offered, but here Christ himself, the true God, is set before us as our food. What could be more wonderful than this?…In the end no one can fully express the sweetness of this sacrament, in which spiritual delight is tasted at its very source, and in which we renew the memory of that surpassing love for us which Christ revealed in his passion.\” As cloistered Dominican nuns, we are privileged not only to receive Christ in his most holy Body and Blood every day at Mass, but we also are able to adore his Body every day in our chapel.

Our monstrance and tabernacle

If you are ever in the Lufkin area and want to come pay a visit to Our Lord truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, feel free to stop by our chapel! We have Eucharistic adoration every day from about 8:15 AM (or whenever Mass ends) to about 8 PM. Or, if you can\’t come to us, consider visiting Our Lord in a chapel near you! Many churches have adoration chapels, and all Catholic churches should have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in a tabernacle. Our Lord is waiting for you!

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