Christ the King

\”And now, Lord Jesus, come and remove the stumbling-blocks within the kingdom which is my soul, so that you who ought to may reign in it. Greed comes along and claims its throne in me; arrogance would dominate me; pride would be my king. Comfort and pleasure say: We shall reign! Ambition, detraction, envy, anger fight within me for supremacy, and seem to have me entirely in their power. But I resist insofar as I can; I struggle against them insofar as I receive your help. I protest that Jesus is my Lord. I keep myself for him since I acknowledge his rights over me. To me he is God; to me he is the Lord; and I declare: I will have no king but the Lord Jesus! Come then, Lord, rout them by your power and you will reign in me, for you are my king and my God, who grant victories to Jacob.\”
–St. Bernard of Clairvaux

One thought on “Christ the King”

  1. I have going to the Monastery since 1996. I love the Monastery and each of the sisters..although I do not know each one personally, I feel connected in a special way. The Monastery is a special place of refuge where I find great peace and joy. I so enjoyed Vespers last week and singing the Servant's Song. Thank you for your prayers and love. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!


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