Presentation of Mary / Pro Orantibus Day

Today we celebrate the memorial of the Presentation of Mary in the temple, an event not mentioned in the Gospels, but significant because it symbolizes Mary\’s complete dedication to God. Blessed Pope John Paul II said, \”Mary appears to us today as the temple in which God has placed his salvation and as the handmaid who was totally consecrated to the Lord.\” And Yves Congar, OP writes, \”As the type of all faithful souls and of the Church herself, Mary expressed spiritually and supremely in her life that \’presentation\’ which, for each one of us, is to begin by the service of faith and to be consummated in heaven.\”
Today is also Pro Orantibus Day, a day \”for those who pray\”, meaning for cloistered religious. We hope you will join us in praying for more vocations to the cloistered religious life and especially to our monastery! 

One thought on “Presentation of Mary / Pro Orantibus Day”

  1. Sisters,Thank you so much for your prayer and for your total dedication to the Church and her faithful. None of us, lay or active religious, could do what we do without you.In Christ our Life,Emily Routt


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