God\’s Bountiful Gifts

Our monastery has a driveway around the side with a porch and a window where mail, deliveries, and large donations of food or other items can be made. We call it the dock area (it\’s kind of an updating of the monastic \”turn\”). When you receive a page calling you to the dock, you never know what might be waiting for you, and yesterday this proved true again as a dear friend brought us a large supply of fresh cauliflower, cabbage, and bread!
Sr. Mary Veronica with an extra-large head of cauliflower!
We are always so grateful for anything that comes to the dock. We can use almost anything and everything we receive–and the very few things we can\’t actually use ourselves, we can distribute to other people in need. Your generous help and support, material, financial or spiritual, helps us to live our life of prayer and sacrifice for the whole world. Thanks so much to all the many people who remember us in our times of need! You are in our prayers every day!

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